Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sterling Brown is Mentally Handicapped

He thinks he's Hancock.

But he's Handiman.

"It's cool.  It's cool", is his press release.  Not something crafted for literate hired justice.
I declare his rap name is now "3 spots".

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Let's have a talk about Isolationism

To be told it cannot happen is utter nonsense.  It can happen.

We're at it with this arrogant soft bigotry of low expectation of others again.

Things domestically here in America can get more expensive.  More appreciated.  Better quality.  Tighten up the belt.  And tightening of the bootstrap.  But it can happen.

Importing droves of needlessness is not necessary.  Lavishness has turned into fat.  We are in the information age yet so dumb.   We are highlighting our ignorance and naivety.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Control Guns or People ?

Nobody brings up creating a state-deemed classification of an armory, defined by number of firearms, as a registry, accessible only by law enforcement when cleared by a judge (like with FISA), and stored in collateral non-digital form only leased to a private-sector bank. Same old uneducated attacks of reactive hyperventilating panic. Your life's attitude should not be to wait for the police to save you. Do I have to even say it after this last example?

A lot of lefties are the softest and silliest balls of ignorance in the history of time. I would negotiate a lot of the hippy'crit crap they talk in compromising, with heavy condition. I would hand you people nothing though. Point Blank: A wall is as ridiculous as not shipping the invaders back, decades and decades ago. The wall is a shovel ready project.

Do you want to control guns or people? Weapons are proliferated, so that cat is out of the bag. Apparently people from other civilizations are proliferated to escape the likes of Vicente Fox and walk my block, and that has been out of the bag for awhile, so I smell a boatload of ridiculousness.

ie. 10 firearms per property household in the State of Ohio is an armory. Store register looking like the Dewey Decimal system. Not a lot of space, and more importantly not digitally accessible. The penalty of not reporting should equal that of welfare fraud.

My only question is do you feel better? If you don't I guess you can dial 911

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Field Corps

The military.
The peace corp.

and what else?

I say

Crops rotting in the field???  Are white, black and "Asian" people, or the American citizenry in general too good for that kind of work?

We don't need to import low skilled failed culture workers.  Let's expand our compulsory service, one in which a young Donald Trump, Jr. would have to figure out before, during breaks in college or after schooling.  Going to college?  You are not exempt.

Let's have a basic training in warehouses and all sorts of labor, to include but not limited to picking crops in the field.  No more lame excuses of needing detrimental people brought into the first world.

Physical waiver?  Okay, one's one year in the field becomes 3 years full-time in some sort of administrative capacity,....after a modified basic training.

Farms receive subsidies.  Inasmuch, aren't they taxpayer owned?  I realize this has privatization v. state-owned implications.  And corporate farm implications.  But don't farms get subsidy and write-offs?  We can come up with something.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Punch a Natsi in the Face at a Beach in Omaha

Is there a big Natsi White Power problem in America?
Or is a bigger issue with Negro Natsies in the Blight Power White Powder movement coast to coast, ubiquitously from sea to shining sea?

Wall Street, Main Street, MLK Blvds.  City Council to city council.

Let's get serious, idiots.  Our biggest problem is turning our cheeks, each and every local news, from sea to shining sea.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

We Invent Problems

These are leisurely times indeed!

Disposable intellect over disposable income, perhaps.  The inflation of any individuals value will be inflated indeed.

We have invented trisexuality, whether wants to be fucked as a dude before lunch, and a woman after dinner.  And either way, pull out a dick and squat piss.  And when can people just be hermaphrodites when they want?  Must Trump declare Transvestites the capital of the Milky Way?
Four year olds sexually assigning themselves so that they can do what, decide on physical love or gender role assignments?  All really confusing.

I'm transracial because I want to be black.  Sound black.  Appropriately wear dreads or some such, on and on.  The advancement of certain people, or something.
I feel like a six year old, and so I am.

Different times and migrations of Homos, and it's called a different species.

Separate standards for "one people".

Freedom of space and safety, but not freedom of consequences.  Freedumb.
One-sided arguments are permissible.  Or they aren't.  Depends.  Anarchy of Speech - we need it because of soft people, or Saharan people, or sub-saharan people.  Like, omg, whatever and stuff.  Look at my feet.  Frappachoppalatte.   Hands off my pussy.  But hands on your wallet.

We import enemies.  America second, 5% of the world pop. we are.  But empire.

Everybody hates my harsh words.  Yet flees to me.

Privileged?  You're welcome.

Stop inventing problems.  Stop being silly.

We are all racing towards dust.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Create a new nation

Geographically, my mind wanders out west in America and/or Australia. 

I mean, I could think of stretches of Siberia to lease, or Africa, but I'm just thinking of Anglican heritage proximity support, though westernized support could probably be had with relative ease with truckloads and a half day's drive from some African coast.

And by creating a new nation, I certainly am interested in such experiments.  Create a federation with divisions the sizes of counties or townships in the American east.  Leave a hundred or so miles in between them for buffer and growth.

What do we got?
-go ahead and have an ethno-state akin to Israel or Japan, but perhaps even literally.
-try new westernized socialisms or whatever.
-try a Christian nation.
-I'm sure some westernized islamic stuff could be incubated by some Saudi type oil money.  
Whatever.  Let's keep it western.  No Lord of the Flies or Middle Beastern level stuff.

No doubt what I'm talking would take an ecological toll and a ton of earth moving effort.  I've fancied something at the western terminus at I-70.  I have also blogged about moving American armed forces stationing from Japan and South Korea to our cousins in Australia.  That could be a defense lease.


Perhaps the best new land experiment of all would start with some more straight forward premise of taxation (trade-offs). 

For mandated charities and tithing seem to be very contentious and one born of perhaps overly prosperous diabetic times.  This isn't a naive aim for some utopia.  It's more of an experiment towards of a more perfect union.  I would fancy perhaps a dual citizenship for a break in some of the preposterous.  Right off the bat:  better roads, pipes, basements, heating cooling systems, central planning, behavior codes, and citizenry contributory trade-offs.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Good stuff about the New Gen

Just trying to sound cool.  Gen for Generation.  Next Gen, New Gen, tomato potato.

They like soccer.
Skin color not a huge deal.  Enough with this hyphe-NATION bs

Tolerant of bullshit?  BS intolerance?

Not sure.  But let me spit ball. 
They won't put up with the working conditions we did/do.  And maybe finally politics will come closer to clean by a long-shot.  I'm not big on the government religion.  But let's face it:  our clergy needs to be better.

So, let me expound.
They like soccer.  That's the world sport.  Can Americans catch up to the world in geographic understanding?  And can we in America finally wake up (our education) and feel more vulnerable like everybody else?  And cut the empire shit that dems and reps do.  Shouts of "world police" died with Bush, who everyone loves now, like never before, for some reason.  We hate colonialism but love sweatshops and Brexit crap.  Oh, but if we could only have TPP and we miss HillBilly 2016.  The youngsters will wake up to these long ass wars and stop buying the shit.  Buying shit like actually having colonialism, but more so in bringing the garbage to Rome in some weird reverse-colonialism added to the package.  And notching up the cold war (it never was gone) by colonizing the buffer zone vacuums again.  With our 'privilege,...sing it:  I blessed the rains.

Skin color not a huge deal.  Black women need lovin' too.  And I see it everyday out and about.

No more BS.  No more taps on the shoulder for forced overtime at the underpaid box factories and call centers.  And of course technology will take care of some of this.

And when these young culturally naive cocksuckers wake up to how other-world cultures behave, with such items as mainstream molestation and not dropping the act that makes the place they failed from such a big loser, they will finally 'intolerate intolerance (like this antifa fecal insemination and un-lectured ungrateful diarrhea'spora islam,...... instead of jokewad norteamericano natsies).  It's like hippy'crits are treating confederates like image of moohamhead.  We have enough crap.  No need to import it.  America is the 5%

Here's my privilege.  You're welcome.  It's all up in your mouth.  Stop whimpering.  This privilege.  You begged me to put it in your mouth.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Two Types of America

There are two types of people in America:. Organized and Diss'organized.

Friday, September 1, 2017

UnAmerican Whore's Schit

The biggest choice one can have is a choice of where to labor and the choice of spending money.

That's our modern world bargain, since a great majority of us aren't running around unabated plains.

The choice of laboring seems to be getting tougher than it was even 20 years ago.  And how much is taken away for redistribution's sake, namely for things very unnecessary is getting out of control.  Whether it be bailing out the Wells Fargos of the world, or bailing out bastards and shitty cultures, the 5% (we Americans) are getting disparagingly called privileged out of one side of people's mouth, and begged for in high demand out of the others side of the same mouths to feed.

The belligerence of a lot of what is being broadcasted is seemingly reaching a fever pitch.  All of the sudden hippies are pretending that the presence of nazi subscribers (natsies) is a new thing.  Well, they're ridiculous and they're not a new thing, my blues brothers.  Winners write history, and losers hang around..... and they're getting to write history too, because of your toleration of the ridiculous,.... like forcing the taxpayers to pay for sex changes.   Adopting failed cultures en mass, by default saving themselves......... from themselves is another form of offensive obnoxiousness unto America.
Your mind resides in a place called Unamerica.

Hippy'crits and their priorities are retarded and dangerous.

Yes, precious unique little snowflakes,.... still, shut your mouths.