Saturday, October 28, 2017

Good stuff about the New Gen

Just trying to sound cool.  Gen for Generation.  Next Gen, New Gen, tomato potato.

They like soccer.
Skin color not a huge deal.  Enough with this hyphe-NATION bs

Tolerant of bullshit?  BS intolerance?

Not sure.  But let me spit ball. 
They won't put up with the working conditions we did/do.  And maybe finally politics will come closer to clean by a long-shot.  I'm not big on the government religion.  But let's face it:  our clergy needs to be better.

So, let me expound.
They like soccer.  That's the world sport.  Can Americans catch up to the world in geographic understanding?  And can we in America finally wake up (our education) and feel more vulnerable like everybody else?  And cut the empire shit that dems and reps do.  Shouts of "world police" died with Bush, who everyone loves now, like never before, for some reason.  We hate colonialism but love sweatshops and Brexit crap.  Oh, but if we could only have TPP and we miss HillBilly 2016.  The youngsters will wake up to these long ass wars and stop buying the shit.  Buying shit like actually having colonialism, but more so in bringing the garbage to Rome in some weird reverse-colonialism added to the package.  And notching up the cold war (it never was gone) by colonizing the buffer zone vacuums again.  With our 'privilege,...sing it:  I blessed the rains.

Skin color not a huge deal.  Black women need lovin' too.  And I see it everyday out and about.

No more BS.  No more taps on the shoulder for forced overtime at the underpaid box factories and call centers.  And of course technology will take care of some of this.

And when these young culturally naive cocksuckers wake up to how other-world cultures behave, with such items as mainstream molestation and not dropping the act that makes the place they failed from such a big loser, they will finally 'intolerate intolerance (like this antifa fecal insemination and un-lectured ungrateful diarrhea'spora islam,...... instead of jokewad norteamericano natsies).  It's like hippy'crits are treating confederates like image of moohamhead.  We have enough crap.  No need to import it.  America is the 5%

Here's my privilege.  You're welcome.  It's all up in your mouth.  Stop whimpering.  This privilege.  You begged me to put it in your mouth.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Two Types of America

There are two types of people in America:. Organized and Diss'organized.

Friday, September 1, 2017

UnAmerican Whore's Schit

The biggest choice one can have is a choice of where to labor and the choice of spending money.

That's our modern world bargain, since a great majority of us aren't running around unabated plains.

The choice of laboring seems to be getting tougher than it was even 20 years ago.  And how much is taken away for redistribution's sake, namely for things very unnecessary is getting out of control.  Whether it be bailing out the Wells Fargos of the world, or bailing out bastards and shitty cultures, the 5% (we Americans) are getting disparagingly called privileged out of one side of people's mouth, and begged for in high demand out of the others side of the same mouths to feed.

The belligerence of a lot of what is being broadcasted is seemingly reaching a fever pitch.  All of the sudden hippies are pretending that the presence of nazi subscribers (natsies) is a new thing.  Well, they're ridiculous and they're not a new thing, my blues brothers.  Winners write history, and losers hang around..... and they're getting to write history too, because of your toleration of the ridiculous,.... like forcing the taxpayers to pay for sex changes.   Adopting failed cultures en mass, by default saving themselves......... from themselves is another form of offensive obnoxiousness unto America.
Your mind resides in a place called Unamerica.

Hippy'crits and their priorities are retarded and dangerous.

Yes, precious unique little snowflakes,.... still, shut your mouths.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Leftists of Forced Tithe & State

Forced Tithe & State means less choices for you.  You responsible people.  Not irresponsible people who are responsible for garbage choices and bailed out of their consequences.  It causes things like road danger because of hyped up heroin.

SJWs.  Are they Justice Warriors (JW) or Jehovah's Witnesses (JW)?  I say they're damn close to it.

I know this much,.... if you want the Civil Rights movement to move, assassinate a white chick (Goddess of Liberals and chia pet projects).  It'll get the projects projecting.

Diversity is reality.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Land Based Forces in Australia et al

Naval based rotations to the Middle East and Africa?  No thanks.  I suppose our flotilla is a nuclear reality requirement.

Sure, I have qualms about imperialism and the next Cold War.  And certainly about reverse deployments and imports back "to Rome", so to speak.
I prefer isolationism and darwinism, not privilege by osmosis.

But if we're going to do this whole global footprint thing, do it logistically.

To the north:  Population Islam.  North Korea and all that jazz.
The clash near Iran and Turkey.  Well, we're stationed reconstruction-style in Germany

This should be the mindset. 
And we should have our pads in the places of western mindset.
If a country wants us there,...obviously for economic stimulus, we should entertain a bargain.  Maybe Bosnia would go for it.  Maybe even the UAE.  I'd be curious about how India would feel about the monetary infusion. 

But we need to draw a clearer line in the sand.  If we're coming, we are coming to kill, not be your emperor.  

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Rename the 'Gayngs .... like the iSissies

There is no isis,.... there is only a degenerate and fragmented non-contiguous message of Muslim Township.  Full name:  Muslim Township of the failed, fled and fleeing Diarrheaspora.  That's their new name.  Fuck their cred.  I'm not going to snap a photo of moohamhead in my toilet everyday.  The only name out there that I can think of that I wouldn't change is Tot Lot Posse.  Well, because that name is already homoerotically ingenious.

Rename every gang.  M13 is the  - mestizo chomo since 13 - gang.

All of y'all bitches are getting renamed.  In the lingua franca of course.➼

Friday, June 30, 2017

Pay Cops More. Pay Teachers Less. And then we can Pay Doctor's and Lawyers Less

Pay Cops More.  Pay Teachers Less.  And then we can Pay Doctor's and Lawyers Less.  Less tuition costs for all.  Somehow, like even with the VFW....the economies of scale don't apply to membership fees.  Save me of all the administrative costs speech.  Members of the VFW don't dial the VFW daily.  Not at all.

Labor is the biggest cost, it's said.

Soldiers don't take in money hand over fist.
I want people who want to serve.  Not teach because the money is great.  Not serve America or Americans because the money is great.  Not necessarily going through the motions.

And so how can this same logic be bypassed with a cop regarding service?

If the policing budget (more cops) or much more individual pay were higher,....there's be more backs to get each others backs, and probably better decision-making and patience to get home that day (....and to that trip to the beach next week).

Either way, justice would be less just-us and better served if we had more modest cost lawyers and law enforcement.

Also, ...stop the horseshit of calling "chicken shit" stops, "chicken shit".  There is good logic to front plates.  There is no justice if we're for escaping it. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Spaces Unexplored. There is No Empire

When there is no border it's almost as if there is no empire.  It's all just one,.....not just a federation of walled-off differences.  And at this juncture of human evolution,.... that is naivety,.....especially if there is no conformity to laws, let alone common sense or agreeing on universals like who gets to contribute and collect disproportionately.   And those people are the "least" and "most" of the lowest and highest class passive incomes...... at the cost of choice and spending choice of the Middle Class.  Every time.  Every election cycle.  Like Healthcare.  Those who have not paid still don't.  It's just that the hospitals get their payments more on time than they did for emergency room dental appointments from Blight Power enclaves.  One world citizen tpp democrat-is-also-the-new-republican nonsense

If nationality is not respected there is none.  It's the new Empire.  Bring them all to Rome. 


Humanity has dug a hole (so far) 7 miles deep.  We're figuring that some of our hypothesis is incorrect.  We might know less about the oceans also, than we do of global space (cool or warm) and outer space.
Unidentified flying objects?!
Unidentified objectives.

2017.  Burn this bitch down still, apparently.  Is Common Sense is on life support.  Or is it dead?
Freedumb without much proportionate repercussion?  People are getting a boat and thinking they'll never need a paddle. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Simple Math

ex.:  European - American = European

Picture of a Europeans below.

What are your questions?

Don't Hate, Incarcerate

Fuck this Criminal College shit.
The Criminal Community College shit.
This fetal alcoholic crack baby reunion crap.
This ghetto boy scout boot camp that it is.  This supremacist negotiation for protection.

You're taking a huge glob of people who just don't get it.  The Compromise.  The Golden Rule that makes the world go 'round.  And you're expecting these genius shithead motherfuckers to do anything other than caveman shit.  Rape love.  Bullymongering.  Why is this social event perpetuated?!
That'll learn 'em.

It is simple as shit.  A sleeping bag for one.  In a cage for one.  With a tent under it, for one.  And sorry,.... it can be outside.  Cages inside a sturdy fence.  With a bottle to piss in.  A pot to shit in.

Food handed out.  Communicable mind disease from the mouth spouts of shitheads  And controlled.  Use your mind.  This isn't an institution of humanities great comforts.  This is the price.

Everything else is the embellishment and privilege.  To be earned by cooperation.  The cooperation that makes society pleasant.  The one without third world bullying.  And shower rape nonsense.

We say heroin isn't a victimless crime, but nontheless the criminal clown hoopty rides out on bail, on disability, with constant disregard.  Stop the idiocy.  Throw away the key until we of the cooperative majority figure it out.