Thursday, December 31, 2015

30,000 years of pretty organized Humanity? --uhmerican freedumb series--

Let's average out a 60 year lifespan for a person (knowing full well that 30 was probably a peak at some points in time long ago).

This is some very simplistic math for the point of rough and simplistic thought.

With that math, there are 500 generations of your worldly modern history and lineage.

Let's even say 15,000 years of your bloodline only made it to 30 years.  That would be 500 generations plus a more modern 250 generations of 60 year olds, totaling up to 750 generations of your great great greater great greatest self.

If you were a vampire of sorts, can you imagine living for 2,000 years, let alone 30,000?
How about like 800 lifetimes?

How much have we evolved?  In recent history, we can argue a lot.

It's not easy being manimals'.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Popcorn War America

I saw a survey taken of 18-29 year olds of how kids want us to fight isis (aka muslim township, aka pussies, aka the most insecure group of rejects in the course of human history), but don't want to join the military themselves.

Per capita, look at all of the veterans, warriors and current service members.

We are Popcorn War America.  It's an embarrassment.

Vote combatants over there.  Vote them over [to] here.  It's dumb.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tickle Clown Economics. False conservative & progressive liberal Parties. We need Corrective Party.

There are the allegedly conservative and allegedly progressive parties.
We need a more perfect equality, plain and simple.
I want the corrective party now.  It could easily become the collective party.

The reforms may not initially be as fiscal as we want, but they will be more equal.
However, the incentive thereafter will squash the frills (ie. welfare, corporate and for the poor) (loopholes like cell phones and tax breaks)
Can there be a metric for measuring the immediate impact of a small business getting a tax break from the government?
The establishment is too comfortable from working within the current framework.
The military is socialized.
-Socialize service of the greater good.
Education (that'll control cost for), Medical Practice, and Law.
--Socialize pay in the fields of education, justice and medicine.
Who wants greedy people in these positions of service?
Make welfare more spartan.  People shouldn't want to stay on it.  Poor choices should equal less choices for sure.  That goes for bailout big business gambling.  No more bonuses; no more business.
Let's go ahead and institutionalize and heavily monitor welfare in a provider-dependent framework.  Don't spread section 8 or subsidized housing (theoretically) in every neighborhood.

Ask good questions for a fairer output-based market:  should there be a medium wage for labor?
Medium wage positions could pay less for apprenticeships. 

It is shameful, in America, that we practically know that one of the caucus candidates that is a lock is a liar, and there's panic over the possibility of a bailed real estate broker.

Let's talk about something fundamentally Constitutional:
It is a shame that in a time of war, we're even debating a border.  We're either stupid, or we realize that we're really not fighting a war, and.....and we're willing to gamble with other people's lives and tax dollars.  It makes me sick that so many Americans are comfortable with their detachment, yet cozy up to the idea of the derivative.  Isn't that our beef with Wall Street.  Why does 99% get to vote 1% into danger.  Why does a strong opinion (belief system) import danger and risk unnecessarily and in a time of war?  And with other people's money (our taxes)!  I doubt many, without subsidization, would open up their homes, money, time and effort to house a fleeing family.  And that family flees from it's own culture, not changing many of its oppressive ways to assimilate.  Have we gone mad.  It's almost as though we need to force people to understand by way of a Draft again.

Fat poor people, and bonused bailouts.  We are out of touch.  The middle class worker is getting screwed.  Theory of capability should be enough; not just the if.  Our judgements of ifs and whens is laughable.  If you're amazed of a hijacked passport printer and changeable stamp markers, you are a moron of the highest order.  You're the reason someone in San Bernadino gets it in the back.  You are one of the most incorrect persons in the American context.  You are making America what was England in a Robin Hood tale.  America's aim is less imposition.  Charity.  Volunteering.  Separation of Church and State.  Fairness in money is very measurable.  A preacher's home smells like a tax break gone wild.

Cannot we build a tent city for your charity at borders for those fleeing?

If Hillary lied so bold faced about things so very unhidden, what the hell do you think?
Real estate is the easiest rich there is.  Some can actually fail and rebound in the billions from it.  It's legal gambling.  And the poor and rich have less to lose in doing it.  Last time I checked.  Billionaires doubled their billions in the last 8 years.  Don't be a moron.