Friday, July 3, 2015

Yes, Americans occupy America

The flag of fifty states is almost at every turn.

We went to Vietnam.

Then onto Iraq.

And we will keep saying "never forget".

Do you go to Church for Ambiance?

Are you perhaps a Cafeteria Catholic?

Mayhaps a Soup Kitchen Catholic?

Social Security Broke?

Hmmm, let's make two of them.
Here's all of the food that you want and more.  Here's to your health!

What about a different kind of social security?  Let's call it social insecurity.  Let's bring in peasants from degenerative cultures and hope that the first world builds immunity to the virus (?)(!).  Let's insist that nobody has to check their attitude problems at the gate.

Plural Marriage

It's takes a village, correct?  That's what I hear time and time again from the blight-wing church and state caretakers whom agree with my condom-use in paying alimony and child support to strangers.

Polyamory?  Approved.

In this Gay Jew's article, he neglected homosexuals' proportionately large(r) penchant for pedophilia while talking about child neglect with polygamists.  And in the first paragraph he insinuated women as dirty money-grubbing whores.

We are so stupid in this country we forget about contracts.