Friday, February 19, 2016

What if America is a Sham?

Though historical fiction is fun and games, I'm not holding hands with Harry Turtledove or Richard Dreyfuss.  But it makes you wonder if there was some back door baron brokering and experimentation by the royalty of the British Empire.  Georgey, Paine, Franklin and Jeffeys,...those colonists need heroes.  And a richness more low key is less of a constant target.

And outright upfront colonialization is not the most efficient way to control the masses.  And because the minds knew that religion would evolve into not much more than an ambiance of art form.  And experiments can get weird,.... like when atheists advocate (with tithe-dollars,....errrr taxdollars) oppressiveness like islam.  Belief systems don't always present themselves with a steeple on top.  You don't have to be free, you just have to feel free.  It doesn't have to be free, it just has to come off that way.

How the stupidity and divisiveness is steered, it would make sense.
It's a great way to launder by having so much blundering unaccountability.

The jet set class has been around for longer than we think.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton's ilk only have an Agenda to Pretend to be Dynamic Leaders

It goes for almost all of them hogs on stage.

They generalize because that's good enough for idiots.  What's concerning is the level of ignorance when something happens right in front of your faces.

Most of these people don't have policy stances.  They may have mouth pieces but they can't get into the nitty gritty or any kind of detail and proceed to cop out, calling themselves pragmatic.  They say they're in the real world.  And they're right,....a world full of dolts that buy on emotion and want to play off of stats & facts with one thing but not another, like with social and eco sciences.

If Hillary or Bill, Cruz or Trump cared about an American cause, they'd have a radio show like their spinsters and pundits do - Those hated targets of political adversaries like Maddow and O'Reilly.
They like how the effect of absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder works so well for the idiot masses, so they don't take to the airwaves with robust regularity.  They can't answer details AT ALL.  Details are something that they skip over and just sign off on.  And they don't want to be exposed for the unprepared idiots that they like to make fun of - coming off as maybe as a prepared and caring guy somewhere on the autistic spectrum like Rubio might be.

I wish I could be a liaison for someone who cares, much how like an engineer could use a bachelor of the arts to bridge that gap of vision and manpower to the people.  I could consult them on selling the realistic vision in their heart so that they could chip away without being cheap salesmen and liars.  Well, if that was truly their aim I'd like to do that.  It's not sexy, but hell.

Bushes and Obamas need prepared questions.  They aren't intelligent enough to handle a deposition?
We should tire of these presumptious half-asses brokering our living compromise BEFORE they get to office.  They want the spotlight and not hard questions.  We allow it.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Anarchy and Karma. Liberty, Libertarian and Just?

If you want to understand grief concerning government,...... look at our imprisonment ways.
A guy almost starved to death in jail because he was mentally ill and caged in a forgotten room.

And prisoners are at the mercy of others.

And we (the people, the government) can't even get that right?

Enclosed, caged and monitored and we can't even get that right.  Many uh' ignorant and out-of-touch people think they understand how things work and must have cozied' up to the thoughts of karma.
In the United States.  Up through the year 2016.

Well, ...that karma may be in favor of a libertarian, an anarchist, a bully, or any number of nut jobs.
It is the most potential chaos.  And somehow you think that works out well in a catch-and-release format of freedom.  In the same places that your children have freedom to walk around in a borderless, free range strategy.

Your hypocrisies are very very pronounced in their inconsistency.

This starkness can jump on you out of the blue.
And it is so far on the back burner.  Nothing to say of your ability to afford representation or not.