Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Good Ol' Boys System

Disturbing to me:  Without a video, shots in the back and an autopsy didn't concern this fuckwad cop, off the rip.

A country run by lawyers 
creating and profiting off of divisiveness instead of cohesiveness,.... and their enforcers.

The European Purchase. Geography of the likes of New France and New Germany on the American Land Mass

Imagine if you will that the population grow to the point of practically running out of non sky-scraped land.  Imagine a name like these places:

Geography of New Germany
Geography of Newknighted Kingdom
Geography of New Latin Americano
Geography of Quasi Africa


Population growth in land-locked areas in Europe cause a new Real Estate agreement.  Nations under a strong republican framework (as opposed to democratic?).

Renting from Siberia Russia?  Like an embassy maybe.  Imagine all of the rules of France in an exclusive new county/territory in Texas  (,_Texas  )  
Could you see it?
Vast land spaces in Wyoming and Montana.  New water sharing agreements.

Hopefully that far into the future co-existence is a much more peaceful of a reality.  Sharing lands certainly take cooperation to the next level.