Saturday, August 8, 2015

Watchful for our future

The year is 2045.

You get in your car and start it.  Your dashcam is activated.  Sidecams too.  You're leaving your community center on this wonderful Sunday morning.

You decide against the trolly-route, an auto-pilot lane, opting to control your drive just in case you want to veer off for some doughnuts or some American craze before stopping home.

Prison footage from your son last week is now viewable and you have been notified via your inbox, a watch on your wrist.  Since the recording of the week is without a notable incident, it is a choppy time lapse available for your viewing, available to record but expired in three months.  Your son's life looks boring and caged yet full of routine.  The open bay full of cages doesn't allow for many wonderments of life, like the literal human touch, but that can be a good thing in a place like that.

You want to catch the game, but on this night a little more than passively....
So, you turn on the "trans", a transteleporation reality 3D experience via the coaches perspective.  You're not that energized so you don't want the quarterback perspective this week.  Your homeboy is hyped and always alternates between the QB and wideout views

Help me out with this.

How will your Sunday as a senior go?

Please spare me from your simulator, mates.