Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Serious About Crime Issues? Employ the National Guard.

This can start with rotations at our borders.  And it can in expand into patrols in our known blight power crime areas.

Think of all the ways it can be done.

National Guardsmen can supplement existing police patrols.  Their main task could be the eyes and ears.  Presence patrols.  Military pay as active duty.  Use a budget with the mindset of instead of a draw down of human resources, move that money to the National Guard or Reserves.  Employ the best of Americans.

I have never understood how folks on the dole feel like they can do whatever the hell they want on a corner in the middle of the night.  Is there a job center anywhere in the country that's running or open 24 hours a day?  Then why not a curfew for this compromise in society.  The "You're a dependent and I'm a parent" is a dichotomy that should be enforced, not abused.

Some will see this as more deployment than employment.  

I'm not saying have these guys suit up in battle dress.  Put them in a much plainer uniform, even P/T suits.  But when people claim they're serious, I can't help but think that the children still suffer from the sheer mental fetal alcoholism with the ridiculousness of it all.  Our culture needs course correction.  Clamping down on our border and allowing more time for the melding of solidarity, care and a better and more robust common compromise would be nice.

I see this also as an economic stimulus at home.  Let's rearrange some of our imperial and military industrial complex dollars.  Let's get those recruiting stations abuzz as community focal points.