Monday, December 15, 2014

The Resistance

When it literally sounds like this is what you're saying, I cannot bereave.

There is a resistance to ignorance, also.  Some of us are quite simply ignoring the basic facts that we are ALL subject to.  Last time I checked, I'm not permitted to resist arrest.  No, not today.   I suppose one can try.  It sounds stupid but it's true.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Here is what we're fighting over

We're fighting over inequity.
We're fighting over the definition of freedom.
Or a fair share.

-Freedom for all.

-And the Golden Rule

That golden rule thing, by the way, is to treat others as you wish to be treated and essentially expect the same of others.  I'm alluding towards a macro-vision of it as it fits in a huge compromise of people living in organized society.

Freedom?  Well, if you're lucky enough to be born with more freedom (ie. financial, roving, expression), good for you.
If your parents were better than mine, good for you.

This is where it gets tricky.

If you're ideas are better, maybe even thanks to your upbringing, good for you.

I just wonder why some people think it's okay to be actionable on their beliefs (maybe even religious ones) to the point where someone takes my money and I don't have a good idea as to where that tithing is going over to.

Roads, I use them.

Protection, I understand it happens with Police and Fire, all the way to infrastructures like the aforementioned roads, and maybe even all the way out to the bully's backyard so that craziness doesn't come to mine.

It's a nice cozy insurance policy of sorts know that things will be taken care of.  And now one is being mandated on my choice of health.  My life is made up of days to days leading to the years.  And those days are made up of choices.  And choices are consequential, especially in prioritizing one's survival.  And the very rich and the very poor (whatever that means to your soul) get bailed out while the middle class is to expect cuts and decade lost savings.  I can't afford lawyers.  So, that means I can't afford adequate representation, like let's say Bill Gates or Cosby do.  Or banks.  Justice for all (of us)?  Perhaps we need mandated unlimited law insurance?

More mind-blows.

I don't understand why kids and adults don't use condoms.  It is the 21st Century.  Communicable diseases like AIDS and the whole idea of birth control in our environmentally conscious societies have been known, even as of last century.

Furthermore, I don't understand why I pay alimony to previously indicated irresponsible people and why I have to pay child support for them.  I didn't have sex with them.  I use condoms.  I don't get to parent them.

Choice is a motherfucker.  Sometimes consequences happen.  Maybe we're gearing towards no freedom to fail.  Just a globally warmed fuzzy blanket of convenience.  The truth is that it's at someone elses' expense, accountability hidden like a government black defense project in Area 52.  Perhaps that's the area where the trees are grown for the Treasury's mint.

I don't understand why the rich need tax breaks.  I don't understand why we continually give incentive for the poor to keep doing what they're doing to live outside of their means, either.

To suit your opinion, to suit your belief system (aka religion) I suppose libertarians are anarchist atheists?
And they might look at you as a Democratic of Church and State that bails out the mentally challenged.  And failed that challenge.  Forgot to wear condoms.  Doesn't know the definition of "hypocrite". 
Or a trickle-derivative-dissapating Oligarchist that bails out irresponsible tricky management.  And mismanaged.  Forgot the definition of "hypocrite".

We try to measure "fair share" in dollars.  And do disappearing acts in piles of paper that we pretty much ignore.

Different strokes for different folks.  And we want to codify more of it.

I suppose what I'm alluding to is this:  Do not be very proud of your registered political affiliation.   I can only imagine how ridiculous you look to your 2300A.D. greater grandchildren.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

American Politics Hoy, Part II (the quicker fix)

 See Part I (the problem)

Some policy think-tankers, for the sake of swiftness, probably fantasize about what they might do as a benevolent American dictator.  Very blandly thinking, these would be my urgings:

#1)  Fix the taxes.  I realize some fog an unaccountability helps to deceive "freedom's" enemies concerning intelligence black budgets our sharp edge (advantage) on the tip of the spear for world policing goodness.  I've long ago laughed at our notion of defense and invisible fences.
Make things more equitable.  Tax spending on the dollar.  Make a leveler such as a legacy or death tax.  Can't be done overnight but even if we compromise to chip away at it... have white collar and blue collar distingquishments (ie. cheaper healthcare for those that labor through sweating (I realize this can be fogged thru categorical overcomplicating things like lawyers do like "if I'm stapling for whatever percent of the day, I'm committing labor").  Subsidizing passive income for the rich and poor is screwing up the middle class majority.  I'm tired of trying to be swayed, but really getting tugged into some bullshit unequitable argument tug-of-war. 
Bottom line:  We need to even them out more and let them be less complicated, less difficult to read - Something more towards everyone pitching in the same amount of cents on the dollar.  That's more of an equal contribution

#2)  I want the contributors of what essentially amounts to child support and alimony to parent the poor dependents of society.  Macro-managing by throwing money at the problem is a big fail.  Micro-manage it and more folks will either shit or get off the pot.  My-house-my-rules-for-the-kids.  Here ya' go, Jimmy.  Here is a video on condom use.  Here, Janey, a boy will succumb to the rules to temper his hormones.

Number 1 and 2 essentially are on a path to correct passive income for the polars and urge everyone to contribute, not just the majority.  Shut the hell up with your 1%'s and 10%'s when you don't know a damn thing about economics.

#3) Urge a Black leader to come forward and sit down with the community..  I'm sorry, but the living fire-breathing Reverend has nothing on a guy like Dr. Carson.  And I wish Dr. Carson would attack some of the passive income malarchy to his party's corporate contributors.   Adjective-Americans are bullshit.  Period.  Adjective-American'ts anything is stupid and I tire of the hypocrites that cannot see how nonconstructive it is proudly emphasizing one's separation.

It takes a village attitude.  It takes a better attitude to have a well-policed village of peers.  Peer pressure.

People kid me all the time about how they love freedom when all I see is hypocrites' freedumb.

Americans, be Americans.  If I have to call all of you non-team players Adjective-Americans all day long until you see how stupid it is... .

American Politics Hoy, Part I (the problem)

We are divisive because things are blatantly unequal and we all see it in different ways.  When we're too lock-step as a Democrat or Republican, and not discerning enough to smell out what is funny (laughable and hypocritical) about it, we fail.

Given the current uhmerican attitude of separate but equal american salad bowl (now I understand what the term tossing salad means) where everyone's shit is supposed to smell differently, I see why we have in-fighting:
The Republican Party could painfully use some better leadership to steer towards equity, most notably towards the rich passive income people loopholes. - Their trickle-up economics called something else.
Ditto for Democrats for the non-condom utilizing passive income class.  Their trickle-down feedenomics which amounts to blight incentive cyclical.
America is not striving for a perfect union today by ignoring the polar inequities while vying for the middleclass's tithe (tax) concerning fair and impartial justice and a more equal-sharing of tithe.

Africa-America could use a leader.  Damn the nation that killed MLK because I haven't seen a leader embraced by the community since.  Not all Brown-Americans feel this way because some of them are acting American-Americans since MLK, and some more like Gandi since way before then.  Divided we fall.  Flaunting that someone is Adjective-American is counterproductive.

America's new Gay problem (flavor of the day) domestic priority for a long long time has been ignored.  It's really the issue of Justice (and money for it), an issue which is virtually non-existent in donkeyphantican America, and a system which requires your coffers to be adequate from blackmail to accusation for all.  Essentially, you have to be able to afford justice or sell yourself to a PR advertising scheme to get it.

As far as the Gay Homosexual problem, perhaps the Republicans should have went something more along the lines of domestic compansionship/civil union route.  I don't know what's so difficult about creating a certified roster of who is allowed to visit someone in the emergency room.  So many rules of redundancy on the books.

From Homosexual-Americans to Polysexual-Americans, I find that most Americans really don't want to be treated equal through their political ineptitude. 

Let's all be Americans.  And let's all contribute.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

To Hell with ye Adjective-Americans.

One-team, one fight.
Or one-team, 20 fights and we don't even get off of the ice.

Academia wants statistics and to be presumptuous on arguments as solid as ice, from sickle cell anemia to ice cooling and water warming.
Are there such things as races or aren't there?
There are naturally Adjective-American on Adverb-American Love Crimes involved in statistics, right?

Shut up.

We want to define racism based on prejudices (by definition requiring a basis of experience) but we don't want to see a complication of diversity as it relates to the assimilation that made the sound of a bubbling melting pot glorious.

We don't have to, so we won't walk a mile in someone elses shoes.  Ignorance is bliss.

I know this much. 

I'm not racist.  I'm culturalist. 

And as an American, I love my right to respect diversity, especially to the degree with which my culture made America a successful culture of cooperation, abundance and the freedom to volunteer or not.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Freedom to Be Honest. Sometimes Blunt.

No matter who is President, I would respect this motherhumper:

The guy or gal leader who renames ridiculous organizations that don't deserve the dignity of naming themselves, essentially taking away some of their power.  Certainly some of the gusto of their marketing/PR power.  Let's ridicule their campaign.

Certainly, this practice isn't conducted or done willy-nilly and frequently as to agitate those and come off as a taunt to invite a show of power and a counter insult of sorts.

But fuck the islamic state.  Buttfuck the islamic state.

They are Muslim Township.

And when they run out of oil in the Middle East, they might as well be an ebola-ridden village in Africa with the attitudes they currently hold, because their brains are already operating that way.

We should call them "Muslim Township".

That's what they truly are in America.  Murderers.  And relatively insignificant in an American's life and world history.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Close Passive Income Loopholes Because the Middle Class is Getting Screwed

Passive income for the Rich
Passive income for the Poor
Stealing from the majority of the People

Passive income for the rich and poor CURRENTLY equals out to screwing over the middle (working) class.

Poor people should not be obese.
Rich people should not be able to devise something on paper to hide money.

Loosely speaking, when every 10 years the middle class gets their investment savings wiped out, don't people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, BY DESIGN, gain 30 billion dollars?

So, it's legal for me to be screwed and have to downsize my life.  And it's legal for the banks (finance (insurance)) and mismanagement (ie. GM) of uhmerica to get bailed out and bonused when they flop on their face.  And without birthing a child into this world with a partner in crime, I have to pay child support and alimony through a broker to a complete stranger.

Ah, irresponsibility rewarded.  Free dumb.

What kind of mediated control is the U.S. Dollar anyway?
What kind of distribution is this?
What kind of Cents?
What kind of sense?

If we all are participating, we should all be invested.

Passive income for the rich and poor CURRENTLY equals out to screwing over the middle (working) class.

Again, if I do not have a child, why am I involuntarily paying for children?
If it's not my daddy, why am I kicking up some pyramid scheme vig working while he's sleeping?

What if money was no longer a motivating factor for the law and justice, but one of patriotism?

What if money was no longer a motivating factor for the law and justice, but one of patriotism?

What if a case were not influenced by money?

Would that not be blind justice?

How can we set this up to be achieved systematically?
Should there be a salary cap on lawyering?

Since we chip in to pay for roads and now we all have to chip in for our health, shouldn't we all have to chip in for our defense of lawyering?

Car insurance.  Health Insurance.  Law protection/law defense insurance???

Ask yourself this:  Can you afford justice?

And if you can, don't you think it would suck if you couldn't?  So, depending on how much money you have for someone to REPRESENT you, can dictate if you go to jail (that day) or not.

How can we adjust attitude problems with cultures in America?