Saturday, December 6, 2014

American Politics Hoy, Part II (the quicker fix)

 See Part I (the problem)

Some policy think-tankers, for the sake of swiftness, probably fantasize about what they might do as a benevolent American dictator.  Very blandly thinking, these would be my urgings:

#1)  Fix the taxes.  I realize some fog an unaccountability helps to deceive "freedom's" enemies concerning intelligence black budgets our sharp edge (advantage) on the tip of the spear for world policing goodness.  I've long ago laughed at our notion of defense and invisible fences.
Make things more equitable.  Tax spending on the dollar.  Make a leveler such as a legacy or death tax.  Can't be done overnight but even if we compromise to chip away at it... have white collar and blue collar distingquishments (ie. cheaper healthcare for those that labor through sweating (I realize this can be fogged thru categorical overcomplicating things like lawyers do like "if I'm stapling for whatever percent of the day, I'm committing labor").  Subsidizing passive income for the rich and poor is screwing up the middle class majority.  I'm tired of trying to be swayed, but really getting tugged into some bullshit unequitable argument tug-of-war. 
Bottom line:  We need to even them out more and let them be less complicated, less difficult to read - Something more towards everyone pitching in the same amount of cents on the dollar.  That's more of an equal contribution

#2)  I want the contributors of what essentially amounts to child support and alimony to parent the poor dependents of society.  Macro-managing by throwing money at the problem is a big fail.  Micro-manage it and more folks will either shit or get off the pot.  My-house-my-rules-for-the-kids.  Here ya' go, Jimmy.  Here is a video on condom use.  Here, Janey, a boy will succumb to the rules to temper his hormones.

Number 1 and 2 essentially are on a path to correct passive income for the polars and urge everyone to contribute, not just the majority.  Shut the hell up with your 1%'s and 10%'s when you don't know a damn thing about economics.

#3) Urge a Black leader to come forward and sit down with the community..  I'm sorry, but the living fire-breathing Reverend has nothing on a guy like Dr. Carson.  And I wish Dr. Carson would attack some of the passive income malarchy to his party's corporate contributors.   Adjective-Americans are bullshit.  Period.  Adjective-American'ts anything is stupid and I tire of the hypocrites that cannot see how nonconstructive it is proudly emphasizing one's separation.

It takes a village attitude.  It takes a better attitude to have a well-policed village of peers.  Peer pressure.

People kid me all the time about how they love freedom when all I see is hypocrites' freedumb.

Americans, be Americans.  If I have to call all of you non-team players Adjective-Americans all day long until you see how stupid it is... .

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