Thursday, April 6, 2017

Simple Math

ex.:  European - American = European

Picture of a Europeans below.

What are your questions?

Don't Hate, Incarcerate

Fuck this Criminal College shit.
The Criminal Community College shit.
This fetal alcoholic crack baby reunion crap.
This ghetto boy scout boot camp that it is.  This supremacist negotiation for protection.

You're taking a huge glob of people who just don't get it.  The Compromise.  The Golden Rule that makes the world go 'round.  And you're expecting these genius shithead motherfuckers to do anything other than caveman shit.  Rape love.  Bullymongering.  Why is this social event perpetuated?!
That'll learn 'em.

It is simple as shit.  A sleeping bag for one.  In a cage for one.  With a tent under it, for one.  And sorry,.... it can be outside.  Cages inside a sturdy fence.  With a bottle to piss in.  A pot to shit in.

Food handed out.  Communicable mind disease from the mouth spouts of shitheads  And controlled.  Use your mind.  This isn't an institution of humanities great comforts.  This is the price.

Everything else is the embellishment and privilege.  To be earned by cooperation.  The cooperation that makes society pleasant.  The one without third world bullying.  And shower rape nonsense.

We say heroin isn't a victimless crime, but nontheless the criminal clown hoopty rides out on bail, on disability, with constant disregard.  Stop the idiocy.  Throw away the key until we of the cooperative majority figure it out.