Wednesday, March 16, 2016

On those Ides of March years back, my nation turned its Back on Me.

On those Ides of March years back, my nation turned its back on me and every other person that needed honor and justice in their life in America.

Who can ever fly that lie again?
It waives in the wind like a taunt that only serves to make lawyers rich and like a white flag for those without adequate funds to retreat.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Western Daycare Center

I want people to realize the ridiculousness on their ideas and notions of racism and xenophobia in the American political realm.  Disliking a nation (with people fleeing from it) is not racism.  Respecting borders in not xenophobia.  Most people on the planet are dolts and can't fathom that a necessary component of diversity is preservation.

Look at these two maps.
Get a talented person to capture relatively accurate size representations of what the populations look like from a depiction of satellite imagery.  Cluster those populations together for perspective purposes.

Now, transfer those populations to the lands of western cultures (leaving the newly vacated lands vacant!.  Yeah, I had to spell that out).
Just for the hell of it, bunch this imagery just within the continental United States.

I'm starting to smell liberal progressive insurance and the religion to mandate (which is pulling charity from my pocket against my will) is a form of progressive insurance world daycare center being some kind of colonialism, some kind of a one world religion for which many of their voters will not deploy to, with its white privilege no less.  Hypocritical and patronizing racists they are.

Friday, March 4, 2016

-Placemark- Build upward and/or outward? Future Planned American Cities. Terminus I-70 West in Utah

Future Planned American Cities.
It's years and years away if a prosperous human growth continues.  And we'll extend outward and upward, hopefully by then with agronomics intertwined with our urban existences and retrofit eco-friendly efficiencies. 

Build upward or outward?
And downward?

I-70 currently ends just south and west of a national forest area in Utah.
Let us say this:
Extend Interstate 70 through the heart of a newly built town called (Norsulphurdale, WesDale???)  Wesdale sounds easier.  Zoom in on a Utah map.

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