Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cussing at Pick Pockets like Libs, aka Progressive Insurers

And here are some of my damning words they should hear:

"Alium" (inadvertently and unknowingly their motto):  Another, someone else
go to war          pay for it        house them     and assimilate them with contradiction .....and their incompatible culture.
Islamo-Atheists:  it's the new naive hipster thing
            Rape-apologists, and in the least,
domestic abuse apologists
World-Policers (now a good term????!!!!!)
They love their imposing beliefs.
Hands off your pussy indeed, PPs (planned parenhooders).
And hands outta' my wallet.   Mmmmmkay ???

I'm pro-choice too.  My wallet allows for the most modern of choices.  Please choose condoms, ConDumbs.

Someone else go to war.  Move the Islam Nazis next door to someone else.  They say:  I DEMAND YOUR TITHE CONTRIBUTION TO MY IDEAS OF CHARITY.
You are in the least, borderline Theocrats.  Your Islamo-Atheist fad is not helping any counter-argument to this notion.  There is a war going on.  You forgot that.  That is unforgivable to me.

Stop collecting failed cultures like chia pets, ye liberal privileged women!!!!

You are the Romans of the Empire
You will destroy the empire will stretch it out, literally and figuratively.  You want to colonize (and reverse colonize).  You quite literally want to destroy ecology and diversity.  Penguins in Florida, palm trees on the poles !!!!!!!
And when in Rome......., not anymore.
Not for ye' in the open border welfare state of the world.
You are the dumbest, most naive, and gullible people in world history.
You raptor jesus just yesterday, yet won't make fun of the retards' imaginary friend in all of your inconsistent kindness.  You hate Trump more than Osama.  Ye accidental obama bin bidens.
You are (operation) fast and furiously pissing me off, ye wholesale political parrots.  Your party, your beatles concert of silly lil' girl brains are echo-chambering such blind deafness that will bring many more trump cards to make you melt in all of your boyband toughness.  Ye Sam's Club Costco Democrats of the TPP Bad for Bush but Good when Obama. 

You wreck stupid ideas of incentive upon cities.  Loot 'n shoot.  You throw money at problems growing problems further.  Public schools, yawn. Your politics is type II diabetes and diuretics. 
Political stockholm syndrome
You identify and grow the amount of captors in all your veiled threats to force forced charity.
Political battered wives of islamo-atheism.
You are now the Jehovah's witnesses of politics.  And that's how Trump was flown up the flag pole as a middle finger for all of your multi-sex rest rooming to see.
Because the conservatives, for all the loopholy crap rationale that republican leaders swim in their own filth, many of those that side on their lesser and rationaled' necessary evils, aren't the dumbest people in human history like ye'.  Conservatives and libertarians aren't as blindly loyal as you.  They don't party like you do.  You libs/progs don't business before (condumblessness) pleasure like libertarians do.  Your retardism can be most political correctly and accurately framed as silly.  
You are silly.
You are for Hillary, even when she's more of a Republican than Obama is.  Cute.
And you'd have the cheapest price of bread at Kroger be at least $2.25 in the blink of an inflated eye.  You'd accidentally have high school kids lining up at the Home Depot parking lot first thing in the morning over the Summer.

Alium.  [Someone else do it]  ...Kick that can down the road.  Credit Cards!  Gramma's basement.

I am tired of any half-American nonsense.
You want confusing hyphenated-America.  Divided-America.
I want you invested.  You've been cozy for far too long.  Diabetes is taking over.  But when
your logic pisses all over where I walk, I want to make this simpler for you.
You need more vested interest laid at your doorstep.

Longest of our wars.  Well, it's the War on Terror, but you can't even make up your mind on your love of communism.  Do you like the Soviets or not?  Venezuela praise much?  Swedish rapes much?  Do you only like them when the commies are sizing you up at Columbia?  Was the Cold War the longest?  Have you literally been an ashore Cuban this entire time?  Piss you off Ruskies told on HillBilly 2pointOh16 ???

These long wars are making me take the opposite position I had as a former military instructor.  I was against a Draft.  Quality not quantity.  But now, most especially because of the beckon of females in combat, I am now for registering.  I'm also for rationing.  We need to ALL make this war real for everyone, to include the fat purpleheaded star bucks looting pasty ass gamer hippycrit lesbians.

You want quantities over quality you can get more voters in your naive belief system that shits all over incentive.  I want less votes for war then.  Less world policing, more decimation when called,....amounting to less of it altogether.

You have brought the danger I have fought against to my door step.  This is an offense I will not forgive.  And you should be hate-shamed for it.  Your mandated tithing has gone well beyond a single sex change for a traitorous prisoner.  You import my enemy.  You imported more welfare spending.  You take away from my personal welfare (well being) and liberty.  If you haven't seen enough burkas for your fill, I think you should go.