Friday, July 15, 2016

Space Conservation Because we don't Own the Planet

Conservative leaning schmo talking about community ownership 'communistically?

No, just dealing with the realities of the finite and taking a guess at attitude change (adjustment).

I cut a lot of lawn today.  Why?  I don't know why.
Millennials might be getting smarter about this slave life shit.
I was thinking of the way to simplify my life.

A smaller version of about everything I got would do.

So, what if the very moment I got the smaller version, I met a lass and spawned more smaller versions?

Could there be a pod concept of adding room by room on top of the smaller abode, much like the imagery of a crane and major port evokes.

So, what if we're dealing with a D.C. sized yard at around 0.05 acre?  Building upward more than outward, right?  People will definitely adjust their elbow roomage'. 

Aside from the opulent outward appearances of my garden house, as I was chillin' in my garage I thought, "I could live in a garage".  A studio garage.  Motivated for the maintenance and cleanliness thereof.  I mean, there is a desire for simplification.  I could live in something that looks like a cross between the depressing soviet block apartments and a storage unit with an obsessively baseball field-lookin' 10 by 10 lawn.  Gray floors.  Stainless steel appliances.  Mobile Japanese walls by Stihl.
Some shit.