Monday, October 24, 2016

The TRUMPet Phenomena is a Burn This Bitch Down in the Voting Booth

It's the middle class
........that is paying for Chelsea Manning's sex change.
.................seeing the initiative of coed bathrooms move with lightspeed for the supraultramega minority.

The mandated tithing of belief and state running amok.  

Obamaphones being deemed necessity.  Diabetes being the new poverty.

Seeing the newscasters eyes glaze over as motherfuckers and bastards burn this bitch down over a piece of turd' world garbage,....yet they're infuriated by the bipartisan bailed out realty "reality" dude.
It's because they're prejudice and color code retardism.

HillBilly '16 got shot at by snipers on Eagle Base in Bosnia.  And smashed devices under subpoena.  The FBI failed America deliberately.  At least the leaders did. 

Because everyone, and certainly both republican and democratic politicians are too pussy to get with the fundamentals of Defense.  Not this Department of Offense we have going.  Homeland and then Defense redundancy.
World Police is no longer a bad word under hyppycrits logic under the current administration, has gleefully expanded to world daycare center.  The white privilege empire it is.  Bring 'em to Rome to learn by osmosis,...them silly children breeds and their threats ('tards they are).  This is the inadvertent prejudice of libs.

So yeah, it's a different kind of burn this bitch down.  And the wizards better pay attention, ....especially the republican ones.  Because F--- you, that's why.
Healthcare costs and American Debt have skyrocked.  The people that never paid anyway, still don't, the passive income 1%ers and ghettotrailer-percenters that they are, generationally.