Saturday, December 6, 2014

American Politics Hoy, Part I (the problem)

We are divisive because things are blatantly unequal and we all see it in different ways.  When we're too lock-step as a Democrat or Republican, and not discerning enough to smell out what is funny (laughable and hypocritical) about it, we fail.

Given the current uhmerican attitude of separate but equal american salad bowl (now I understand what the term tossing salad means) where everyone's shit is supposed to smell differently, I see why we have in-fighting:
The Republican Party could painfully use some better leadership to steer towards equity, most notably towards the rich passive income people loopholes. - Their trickle-up economics called something else.
Ditto for Democrats for the non-condom utilizing passive income class.  Their trickle-down feedenomics which amounts to blight incentive cyclical.
America is not striving for a perfect union today by ignoring the polar inequities while vying for the middleclass's tithe (tax) concerning fair and impartial justice and a more equal-sharing of tithe.

Africa-America could use a leader.  Damn the nation that killed MLK because I haven't seen a leader embraced by the community since.  Not all Brown-Americans feel this way because some of them are acting American-Americans since MLK, and some more like Gandi since way before then.  Divided we fall.  Flaunting that someone is Adjective-American is counterproductive.

America's new Gay problem (flavor of the day) domestic priority for a long long time has been ignored.  It's really the issue of Justice (and money for it), an issue which is virtually non-existent in donkeyphantican America, and a system which requires your coffers to be adequate from blackmail to accusation for all.  Essentially, you have to be able to afford justice or sell yourself to a PR advertising scheme to get it.

As far as the Gay Homosexual problem, perhaps the Republicans should have went something more along the lines of domestic compansionship/civil union route.  I don't know what's so difficult about creating a certified roster of who is allowed to visit someone in the emergency room.  So many rules of redundancy on the books.

From Homosexual-Americans to Polysexual-Americans, I find that most Americans really don't want to be treated equal through their political ineptitude. 

Let's all be Americans.  And let's all contribute.

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