Saturday, December 13, 2014

Here is what we're fighting over

We're fighting over inequity.
We're fighting over the definition of freedom.
Or a fair share.

-Freedom for all.

-And the Golden Rule

That golden rule thing, by the way, is to treat others as you wish to be treated and essentially expect the same of others.  I'm alluding towards a macro-vision of it as it fits in a huge compromise of people living in organized society.

Freedom?  Well, if you're lucky enough to be born with more freedom (ie. financial, roving, expression), good for you.
If your parents were better than mine, good for you.

This is where it gets tricky.

If you're ideas are better, maybe even thanks to your upbringing, good for you.

I just wonder why some people think it's okay to be actionable on their beliefs (maybe even religious ones) to the point where someone takes my money and I don't have a good idea as to where that tithing is going over to.

Roads, I use them.

Protection, I understand it happens with Police and Fire, all the way to infrastructures like the aforementioned roads, and maybe even all the way out to the bully's backyard so that craziness doesn't come to mine.

It's a nice cozy insurance policy of sorts know that things will be taken care of.  And now one is being mandated on my choice of health.  My life is made up of days to days leading to the years.  And those days are made up of choices.  And choices are consequential, especially in prioritizing one's survival.  And the very rich and the very poor (whatever that means to your soul) get bailed out while the middle class is to expect cuts and decade lost savings.  I can't afford lawyers.  So, that means I can't afford adequate representation, like let's say Bill Gates or Cosby do.  Or banks.  Justice for all (of us)?  Perhaps we need mandated unlimited law insurance?

More mind-blows.

I don't understand why kids and adults don't use condoms.  It is the 21st Century.  Communicable diseases like AIDS and the whole idea of birth control in our environmentally conscious societies have been known, even as of last century.

Furthermore, I don't understand why I pay alimony to previously indicated irresponsible people and why I have to pay child support for them.  I didn't have sex with them.  I use condoms.  I don't get to parent them.

Choice is a motherfucker.  Sometimes consequences happen.  Maybe we're gearing towards no freedom to fail.  Just a globally warmed fuzzy blanket of convenience.  The truth is that it's at someone elses' expense, accountability hidden like a government black defense project in Area 52.  Perhaps that's the area where the trees are grown for the Treasury's mint.

I don't understand why the rich need tax breaks.  I don't understand why we continually give incentive for the poor to keep doing what they're doing to live outside of their means, either.

To suit your opinion, to suit your belief system (aka religion) I suppose libertarians are anarchist atheists?
And they might look at you as a Democratic of Church and State that bails out the mentally challenged.  And failed that challenge.  Forgot to wear condoms.  Doesn't know the definition of "hypocrite". 
Or a trickle-derivative-dissapating Oligarchist that bails out irresponsible tricky management.  And mismanaged.  Forgot the definition of "hypocrite".

We try to measure "fair share" in dollars.  And do disappearing acts in piles of paper that we pretty much ignore.

Different strokes for different folks.  And we want to codify more of it.

I suppose what I'm alluding to is this:  Do not be very proud of your registered political affiliation.   I can only imagine how ridiculous you look to your 2300A.D. greater grandchildren.

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