Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Freedom to Be Honest. Sometimes Blunt.

No matter who is President, I would respect this motherhumper:

The guy or gal leader who renames ridiculous organizations that don't deserve the dignity of naming themselves, essentially taking away some of their power.  Certainly some of the gusto of their marketing/PR power.  Let's ridicule their campaign.

Certainly, this practice isn't conducted or done willy-nilly and frequently as to agitate those and come off as a taunt to invite a show of power and a counter insult of sorts.

But fuck the islamic state.  Buttfuck the islamic state.

They are Muslim Township.

And when they run out of oil in the Middle East, they might as well be an ebola-ridden village in Africa with the attitudes they currently hold, because their brains are already operating that way.

We should call them "Muslim Township".

That's what they truly are in America.  Murderers.  And relatively insignificant in an American's life and world history.

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