Friday, February 19, 2016

What if America is a Sham?

Though historical fiction is fun and games, I'm not holding hands with Harry Turtledove or Richard Dreyfuss.  But it makes you wonder if there was some back door baron brokering and experimentation by the royalty of the British Empire.  Georgey, Paine, Franklin and Jeffeys,...those colonists need heroes.  And a richness more low key is less of a constant target.

And outright upfront colonialization is not the most efficient way to control the masses.  And because the minds knew that religion would evolve into not much more than an ambiance of art form.  And experiments can get weird,.... like when atheists advocate (with tithe-dollars,....errrr taxdollars) oppressiveness like islam.  Belief systems don't always present themselves with a steeple on top.  You don't have to be free, you just have to feel free.  It doesn't have to be free, it just has to come off that way.

How the stupidity and divisiveness is steered, it would make sense.
It's a great way to launder by having so much blundering unaccountability.

The jet set class has been around for longer than we think.

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