Thursday, December 31, 2015

30,000 years of pretty organized Humanity? --uhmerican freedumb series--

Let's average out a 60 year lifespan for a person (knowing full well that 30 was probably a peak at some points in time long ago).

This is some very simplistic math for the point of rough and simplistic thought.

With that math, there are 500 generations of your worldly modern history and lineage.

Let's even say 15,000 years of your bloodline only made it to 30 years.  That would be 500 generations plus a more modern 250 generations of 60 year olds, totaling up to 750 generations of your great great greater great greatest self.

If you were a vampire of sorts, can you imagine living for 2,000 years, let alone 30,000?
How about like 800 lifetimes?

How much have we evolved?  In recent history, we can argue a lot.

It's not easy being manimals'.

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