Monday, February 23, 2015

Community Address. Community Watch. Talking to Neighbors.

The local communities and its hubs are where we would worry about being terrorized, especially in mass.

If you drive a few miles to get to the mall, you hope a gunman or a group of them aren't out on a suicide pact in order to make a statement and draw the headlines.  You hope that the attack isn't multi-pronged across the map.

Though were it to happen, especially away from "my" home, I think the good news that would come out of it is that all of the lackies out there will get on board for us all to finally end this.  We could kill the roaches after realizing that it's not all just a movie on our televisions.  You can disconnect the TV but not reality.

Whether it's a group of disenchanted ethnocentric "free dumb fighters" that was born and raised in America, or some gypsy imports we should have never received into the first world order in the first place, it'll suck.  But perhaps we'll treat it for what it is:  a cockroach.  And then we could step on it.

But what about this community watch idea?  What about voluntary community door knockers with surveys in hand and channels of communication?  Especially in communities with a diverse religious presence.  The walls should only feel as though they were closing in on guilty people.

Playing naive is plainly getting old.  You'll hope bad things don't happen like some autistic kid getting a hold of a pistol and video games while people like me will wonder when you will jump aboard the regulations of a parent-child construct you want in a fuzzy blanket society.  You're going to finally want to react when it's too late and you'll rationalize that it's better late than never when I wasn't naive about the world this entire time.  You must be one of those that realized that there's an oligarchy all of the sudden because Princeton University finally told you.

The roads in America are two-way streets.  Our compromise is that everyone can't plainly do everything and control everything that they want.  When a criminal can be outspoken about their intentions as a career criminal, the bright side is that there is truly free speech in America.  But a threat is a threat.

Ignoring someone at their world is ignorant.  Here's something profound:  ignoring is ignorant.

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  1. I like State's thinking as far as their rationale is for not dignifying radical groups by utilizing the adjective of religion. I think though that many people are tired of the silent majority, much like the usefulness of the non-nazi German population was for World War II. So, why are we calling a gang of chimps a capitalized "isis" when they're more like star wars cross-dressing iSissies?