Friday, June 23, 2017

Spaces Unexplored. There is No Empire

When there is no border it's almost as if there is no empire.  It's all just one,.....not just a federation of walled-off differences.  And at this juncture of human evolution,.... that is naivety,.....especially if there is no conformity to laws, let alone common sense or agreeing on universals like who gets to contribute and collect disproportionately.   And those people are the "least" and "most" of the lowest and highest class passive incomes...... at the cost of choice and spending choice of the Middle Class.  Every time.  Every election cycle.  Like Healthcare.  Those who have not paid still don't.  It's just that the hospitals get their payments more on time than they did for emergency room dental appointments from Blight Power enclaves.  One world citizen tpp democrat-is-also-the-new-republican nonsense

If nationality is not respected there is none.  It's the new Empire.  Bring them all to Rome. 


Humanity has dug a hole (so far) 7 miles deep.  We're figuring that some of our hypothesis is incorrect.  We might know less about the oceans also, than we do of global space (cool or warm) and outer space.
Unidentified flying objects?!
Unidentified objectives.

2017.  Burn this bitch down still, apparently.  Is Common Sense is on life support.  Or is it dead?
Freedumb without much proportionate repercussion?  People are getting a boat and thinking they'll never need a paddle. 

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