Friday, June 30, 2017

Pay Cops More. Pay Teachers Less. And then we can Pay Doctor's and Lawyers Less

Pay Cops More.  Pay Teachers Less.  And then we can Pay Doctor's and Lawyers Less.  Less tuition costs for all.  Somehow, like even with the VFW....the economies of scale don't apply to membership fees.  Save me of all the administrative costs speech.  Members of the VFW don't dial the VFW daily.  Not at all.

Labor is the biggest cost, it's said.

Soldiers don't take in money hand over fist.
I want people who want to serve.  Not teach because the money is great.  Not serve America or Americans because the money is great.  Not necessarily going through the motions.

And so how can this same logic be bypassed with a cop regarding service?

If the policing budget (more cops) or much more individual pay were higher,....there's be more backs to get each others backs, and probably better decision-making and patience to get home that day (....and to that trip to the beach next week).

Either way, justice would be less just-us and better served if we had more modest cost lawyers and law enforcement.

Also, ...stop the horseshit of calling "chicken shit" stops, "chicken shit".  There is good logic to front plates.  There is no justice if we're for escaping it. 

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