Saturday, July 1, 2017

Rename the 'Gayngs .... like the iSissies

There is no isis,.... there is only a degenerate and fragmented non-contiguous message of Muslim Township.  Full name:  Muslim Township of the failed, fled and fleeing Diarrheaspora.  That's their new name.  Fuck their cred.  I'm not going to snap a photo of moohamhead in my toilet everyday.  The only name out there that I can think of that I wouldn't change is Tot Lot Posse.  Well, because that name is already homoerotically ingenious.

Rename every gang.  M13 is the  - mestizo chomo since 13 - gang.

All of y'all bitches are getting renamed.  In the lingua franca of course.➼

1 comment:

  1. It seems like with common sense dying and all of this war age male rafting going on and all, hateshaming needs a resurgence. It's as communal and as old as time. It keeps the peace on an individual level more intuitively. Otherwise, it'll be squat diarrhea in public places in the first world before you know it.