Friday, July 21, 2017

Land Based Forces in Australia et al

Naval based rotations to the Middle East and Africa?  No thanks.  I suppose our flotilla is a nuclear reality requirement.

Sure, I have qualms about imperialism and the next Cold War.  And certainly about reverse deployments and imports back "to Rome", so to speak.
I prefer isolationism and darwinism, not privilege by osmosis.

But if we're going to do this whole global footprint thing, do it logistically.

To the north:  Population Islam.  North Korea and all that jazz.
The clash near Iran and Turkey.  Well, we're stationed reconstruction-style in Germany

This should be the mindset. 
And we should have our pads in the places of western mindset.
If a country wants us there,...obviously for economic stimulus, we should entertain a bargain.  Maybe Bosnia would go for it.  Maybe even the UAE.  I'd be curious about how India would feel about the monetary infusion. 

But we need to draw a clearer line in the sand.  If we're coming, we are coming to kill, not be your emperor.  

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